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Our Story

Creatively Queer Press is an indie publishing house made by and for LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities. We are passionate about telling the stories we haven’t found in mainstream entertainment. Our mission is to curate and create the stories which represent our diverse experiences with accuracy and empathy. We are here to provide a high-quality platform for your voice to be heard. 


Thank you so much for visiting our website.

Are we lacking representation of your identity? We would love to hear from you! Please feel free to contact us here with any questions or suggestions.

Creatively Queer Press Team Illustratio

Illustrated by Joelle Blot

Luis Silva, Founder of Creatively Queer Press Comics

Luis C. Silva, Founder

Luis C. Silva always loved stories that reflected his life as a queer person of color in America, but became disappointed to find that such stories were rare. However, after seeing that small publishers such as Spike Trotman's Iron Circus could and did make stories that represented a vast array of the underrepresented, Luis sought out to do something similar with Creatively Queer Press.


Twitter - @LouSilver11

Andres Bravo, Chief Editor at Creatively Queer Press Comics

A. Dante Bravo, Editor

A. Dante Bravo is a queer Latino transman in love with the art of storytelling. In 2019 he was hired to run the Cuentos Kickstarter campaign and had so much fun he decided to stay. Dante believes everything happens for a reason and is proud to be working for a company he truly believes in.

Joelle Blot

Joelle Blot, Editor

Joelle Blot (she/her) is an agender digital illustrator and comic book author. Launched July 17th of 2018, Joelle has been the writer and artist for her original webcomic Shadow Puppets.

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