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With Thanks to Woody Guthrie


Welcome to Creatively Queer Press' first blog post, dear reader. Let's start with one of my favorite phrases coined by the famed musician Woody Guthrie:

"This Machine Kills Fascists"

Though the phrase is metaphorical, it reflects the goal of this company -- to eliminate the means of hatred by creating art that reflects the real world and the people within it. It may be a small punch in the face of evil, but dang it it's still a punch. And with each story we make, we intend to keep on punching.


For those new to what we do here, the goal we have at Creatively Queer Press is that we're focused on creating books that feature diverse characters who aren't usually seen in a positive light. In addition, creative teams will focus on featuring a diverse cast of creators. 

If you want a taste of what we got cooking, the upcoming books we have in our roster are as follows:

Itchy Witchy Love
Set in a world that's perpetually in Autumn, two witches decide to go on a date in their magic filled town. It's a fun webcomic that's fit for young teenagers. (Art by Ray Henderson.)

Eye of the Beholder
With art by the illustrious Andres D. Bravo, this will be a free mini comic that's inspired by Rod Serling's infamous Twilight Zone episode of the same name. The setting is much the same -- a patient, a hospital, and a world in shadows. But the twist is one that's much, much different.


Inspired by the tales of monsters and heroes, Cuentos is an art anthology that has different artists contribute a single piece inspired by a story from Latin America and beyond.

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